C-Shell Records & Entertainment LLC
Web Site Design and Development
Every business needs a presence on the Internet, that’s easy, there’s sites like
Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Wordpress and many many more. We specialize in Custom site design. Completely unique in appearance and content, yet we integrate all of the popular Internet content into your site allowing you to maintain significant amounts of the content without our help, and without being billed.

Our approach is unique, we should talk. Here are a few sites that we have created and maintain.

Video taping and production
Using Sony full HD and Sony Vegas HD we cover everything from speaking
engagements to high quality music videos. We can help you script your presentation

Marketing and Promotions
We can provide your business with a complete makeover, including creating a
unique business identity, slogan or catch phase, business cards and a web site
make over. Set your business apart from your competition with a professional

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