C-Shell Records & Entertainment LLC
We are a family owned business founded in 2007 as a sole proprietorship to manage
the expenses associated with the production of our daughter Chelsea's debut CD, Play
Pretend. In January of 2008 we formed a limited liability company. “C-Shell” is a very
important part of our identity. Chelsea started singing karaoke in late 2006 at Desert
Ridge Marketplace the DJ, Rockin' Rob, kept mispronouncing her name. He finally gave
up and started calling her Seashell. The nickname stuck, so we adopted the unique
spelling we use for our business.

Our mission is promote and sponsor Chelsea as a professional singer and entertainer.
This will be a long and challenging journey and we intend to capture the process,
contacts and information we gather in this site to help other aspiring artists.

The local music scene is like any other business... who you know and who knows you is
the key to finding opportunities. Reputation and reliability are every bit as important
as talent so an artist needs to be ready at all times.  Any time, any place. Perform
whenever you can and proactively seek opportunities. Every band we've met has offered
to let Chelsea sing. Every person that hears her sing and/or gets to know her is another
person that may pass along information about other gigs or opportunities. Introduce

Chelsea's biggest break to date came from entering a summer singing contest at Skye
in Peoria, AZ. The competition was called Idol in the Skye and she met Terry and
Anne Davies along with dozens of local promoters and musicians. She is now performing
regularly in Raymond's at Skye and in the Skye's productions ABBA-Fab and Piano Man
and is lead singer for the The Spin. What seemed like a small local singing contest has
become so much more... you never can tell!